"Hello there & Assalammualaikum,

Over the years, I have learned that holding closely to these two core values are essential to having a peaceful, blissful and fulfilling life: the importance of knowing our Self-Worthiness and the weightiness of Balance. I believe that without these two fundamental truths, I would not be where I am now as a person.

And I have made it one of my biggest life's purpose to advocate these two principles, especially to my Sisters in faith and in humanity.

Every Tuesday, God Willing, I will send out an article to the beautiful folks who are subscribed to my newsletter. My most recent post will be shared with them first, thereafter, will it only be published on the blog at a later date.

I'm not going to promise any amazing deals nor bargains, but I may also send a few letters that will include some of my 
honest reflections and personal thoughts that will not be published on the blog for the sake of upholding a sense of anonymity. I truly hope that these letters will trigger a dialogue between us, and hopefully, inspire, encourage and motivate you.

Truth be told, these letters will be my excuse to get to know some of you beautiful souls out there, to make your acquaintance, and to hopefully, forge a genuine kinship with you, In Sha Allah."

Love and prayers,

PS: I am currently building my website. Please subscribe to my newsletter to be kept updated.

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